“Thanks to Boaz Studios, I’m in the best shape of my adult life. I’ve always worked out, but the passage of time and the pressures of work make it hard to break through those plateaus. The Boaz Studios team smashes through the barriers with expertise, surprise, skill – and they make it all fun. Every workout is different. Every one works. My weight is down. My cholesterol is down. My heart rate is down. My metabolism and energy are up. Plus that feeling of being strong spills over into every part of my life. None of that would have happened without the help of everyone at Boaz Studios.”
– George Stephanopolous

“One main feature I enjoy is working out with different trainers. However, each trainer has a common theme: hard, rigorous workouts for a solid hour. Boaz Studios keeps very good records on progress and each trainer is genuinely interested in improving my mental and physical health. I had 3 major surgeries between April-December 2009. I was out of the gym for over 12 months. As of today, I never felt stronger. All the hobbies and sports I do include swimming, golf and biking around the park are easier and I have a lot more stamina. My wife actually said I look good!!! My advice is: figure out a way to build Boaz Studios into your life and you will see results if you stay with it.”
– Floyd Converse

“I started training at Boaz Studios from its inception. I credit this training with keeping me in such good condition that it was at least partially responsible for my surviving a recent extreme medical emergency. Generally speaking, I feel better, I am stronger and healthier and happier. The atmosphere at the studio is always welcoming and professional. It is a pleasure to be there (which is important in terms of motivation).”
– Muriel Peters

I am a 72 male who has suffered from bebilitating bi-lateral sciactica for a dozen years. Cortisone shots with rehab have been of limited help. Surgery was next step. Instead I found Boaz Studios. After a couple of months of specific core strength exercises plus the most incredible stretching he performs the problem is virtually gone. To boot, both my cardiac function, balance and weight strength are much improved. High end but worth every cent. And the whole crew is wonderful.
-Bill Mutterperl

I have been going to Boaz Studios for a few months now, starting at the end of the summer. I’m someone who doesn’t like the gym thing so decided to go the private route for a one on one experience. I found this gym by just doing some Googling of Upper eastside private training and my plan was to try out a few and Boaz Studios being the first I would try. Needless to say, I never ended up trying any other private gyms.
The staff and structure of the gym is amazing not to mention the vibe and energy of everyone. You don’t always work out with the same trainers which I thought I wouldn’t like but every trainers workout is unique and focuses on different training methods for a full body experience each time.
I really enjoy the studio and every last Trainer I have worked out with thus far. For this being my first trainer experience I am thoroughly satisfied with the gym as well as results.
-Trenton Dallas

Boaz Studios is my exercise oasis and Boaz is my guru. The gym is exceptionally well appointed, well managed, and well staffed. Everyone in the enterprise exudes professionalism and enthusiasm. It’s the highlight of every day that I attend, and I give it a full throated recommendation.
-Bruce Gutkin 

Boaz and his team administer abuse with a smile. They calibrate each individual, administering a personal fitness plan. I can’t blame Boaz when I eat too much pasta. I can blame him and his team for being fitter than I was a decade or two ago.
-Ken Auletta

I started training with Boaz Studios eight years ago. Each trainer is able to customize each work out to fit all of my needs. I always feel energized and ready to start my day after I leave the gym. I am in much better shape today, thanks to all of the very skilled and professional trainers.
-Brandy Katz

I started with Boaz and his amazing team 6 months ago and I feel like a completely different person. Their program is simple: learn your strengths and weaknesses, and create a plan that unifies and balances your body. and the routine constantly changes to strengthen it.. Like I said, I feel wonderful..
-Micheal Young

Boaz and Heather C. in their individual ways have made me stronger, more flexible and agile. I love their approach- every exercise works many muscles including the brain! Their specialized attention and routines make the workouts always varied and challenging. Training at Boaz Studios is a highlight of my week.
-Caroline Boukaert