Boaz Saar

Owner and founder of Boaz Studios, Boaz has been committed to helping people achieve optimum longevity for over 30 years. His experience and passion jump started when he led an elite combat unit in the israelii army. From that point forward, he has become a master of Kinesiology. Holding over 6 degrees in different areas of exercise, he constantly is inspired by the human body and how to achieve pain free movements. Each person needs a tailored program, as there are no 2 humans identical. Here at Boaz Studios, our skilled practitioners not only offer the most attentive sessions, but bring each client an elite and posh experience.


Lior Shenberg

It all started at the age of 13, when Lior began his martial art journey in Karate and Muay Thai at his local dojo in Tel Aviv. The personal challenges this new activity offered quickly drew him into a consistent practice. Fast forward- Lior started his army service as a Krav Maga instructor and combat fitness trainer for the Israeli Defense Force Military Police Academy. As part of his service he trained detectives, intelligence units and other branches of the IDF.

In 2012, Lior moved to the United States to teach in one of NYC’s biggest Krav Maga schools where he remained for three years. Along with creating their kid’s self defense curriculum, he spent countless hours on the mat training group and private lessons with teens, adults NB and celebrities. Since then Lior has been successfully running his own private training business along with continuing his own personal development in NYC.


Heather Culton

Heather Culton started her fitness career as a professional dancer and Pilates instructor. Over the years, she developed her own method that combines the most effective elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Today, Heather teaches clients how to connect to the smaller muscle groups that help prevent injuries and enhance your overall fitness regimen. This allows you to improve posture and alignment as you develop greater flexibility and fluidity of movement.

Heather embraces the individuality of each client and customizes a subtle but powerful program to maximize the full range of motion and make your overall movement more effective. Whether you're looking for the long, lean look of a dancer or a restorative supplement to improve your golf game, Heather's method has far-reaching rewards.


Luis Colon

Raised in New York and son of a Professional boxer, Luis grew up with a passion to follow in his fathers foot steps. Growing into adult hood, Luis began his career as a professional boxer. Through his experience in training and competing at a high level, Luis obtained a NASM, CPT while researching anatomy to create an innovative and highly effective approach to becoming stronger at an expedited pace. After breaking his hand in a boxing fight, he become obsessed with recovering and eager to help amateur boxers train. With years of training NYC elite, Luid continued his fitness journey and teamed up with Boaz Studios; the leading private training facility in the industry.


Gilbrando Acevedo

Ever since Gilbrando was a boy he was fascinated with the art of physical movement. He began to study martial arts at the age of 13. As he grew older, he was captivated by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, whose muscular physiques on film loomed larger than life. He began body building at the age of 16, and has combined martial arts and body building into his style of training ever since.

After mastering the craft of body building and winning several competitions in both martial arts and body building, he felt the desire to become a personal trainer. Gilbrando has multiple certifications with specialties in Corrective Exercise, Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement, as well as a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. Constantly pushing to expand his experience and knowledge, he continues to focus on the fundamentals of health and fitness engendered in posture, core strength and functionality.


Jacob Frank

Jacob’s journey through physical development began as a toddler; he dedicated himself to the martial art Tang Soo Do and the sport of alpine skiing, eventually earning a black belt and winning NASTAR gold. Since then, he has also wrestled competitively and cycled avidly.

He began sharing his passion and helping others at Concordia University after finding employment at the school gym and being certified as an NSCA-CPT. He worked with clients and athletes under supervision of the school’s strength and conditioning program coach, building a strong foundation in the development of athletic performance. Since then, he has lived in New York and Los Angeles, training people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds; from teens to septuagenarians, celebrities and executives.

Jacob is constantly studying the dynamics of human movement. His practice is holistic and multidimensional. In his coaching, he places an emphasis on proper form and function, ensuring progress while preventing injury.